Fresh 48 Photography

Fresh 48 photography captures those first few moments after your baby arrives. These emotion-evoking and candid images will forever remind you of those first 24-48 hours after baby makes their entrance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fresh 48 session?

My goal with Fresh 48 photography is to document those first moments with your new addition.  Bringing a baby into the world is one of the most beautiful things we as humans can do. I want you to remember the way you looked when you become parents.  I want you to remember what big brother’s or sister’s expressions were when they met the baby. I want you to remember the sweet nurse that was willing to teach you and help you.  I want you to remember how it felt to finally hold that little baby in your arms.

What type of photos will I receive?

I will be taking a journalistic photography approach during your session.  This means there will be minimal “posed” shots and I will take photos of you interacting with your new baby, the environment, and the details that surround you.  I will guide you and direct you but think of this session as capturing you at the moment.

When should I schedule my Fresh 48 session?

As soon as you know you want this type of session!  I only book 1-2 sessions a month due to the “on call” nature of this photography.  The sooner you book and secure your session, the better!

    Where will the session take place?

    The session will take place at the place of delivery (hospital, home, or birthing center) They are scheduled within the first 48 hours after delivery during daylight hours.  Please contact me as soon as you know the baby is on their way to allow time for me to rearrange my schedule.

      How long is the session?

      Approximately 60-90 minutes long.

      How soon after the baby arrives is the best time to take photos?

      If you want photos in the hospital, it is best to have the photos taken as soon as you are settled in your room with the baby.  For lifestyle sessions, they are best before the baby is 14 days old.

      What is the difference between a Fresh 48 session and a newborn lifestyle session?

      Fresh 48 sessions are at the place of birth within 24-72 of baby’s entrance into the world while newborn lifestyle sessions take place at your home.  Please refer to “Newborn Lifestyle” to find out more information about this type of session.

        When should we contact you?

        Add me to the “people to text when going into labor” list!!  This way I can rearrange my schedule and be there at the desired time.

        What happens if you can’t make it to the session?

        If for some reason my schedule doesn’t allow me to come to the birthing location when the baby comes, we will be in contact and figure out what works best for everyone involved.

          What if I go into labor early?

          Contractually I am on-call and available to you for 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after your estimated due date. If you deliver earlier than that time-frame I will make every effort to still be available to you.

            What if my baby needs to be in the NICU?

            In this event, we will keep in touch and it is handled on a case-by-case basis. We may need to work with hospital staff to find out what we are and aren’t able to do according to their guidelines. In the event that I am unable to photograph the Fresh 48 as planned due to these circumstances, your deposit will be applied to a future session.

              What if labor takes longer than we expected?

              No worries!  You’ve got my phone number!  Have someone keep me updated and let me know when your sweet babe is ready 🙂

                Is there anything special I should bring to the hospital for photos?

                Babies look best swaddled in a light colored blanket or in a white onesie for these sessions.  If you have a girl and you’d like to add a simple headband, please do! Please, no large flowered headbands as they create shadows on baby’s tiny adorable face!  For you, dad, and siblings, solid, neutral colors work best.

                  Will my photos be private?

                  In my contract, I have a general release stating that I can use images from your session in my portfolio, social media, and advertising.  If you would prefer to have your images stay private, just let me know and I will alter the contract.

                  Alright, we are ready to book, how do we do that?

                  Yay!  I am so excited to capture your special moment!!  Please send me a message below and I will send you a contract and an invoice that requires a 50% down payment to reserve your date.  Following this, I will send you a questionnaire so I can get to know you a little better.

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