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Your brand is so much more than your product, service, or organization.  It’s about the heart, soul, and passion that you put into it. It’s about what makes you do what you do and how you serve others. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a personal branding session?

While you are busy making your products or planning your service and posting about those incredible things, your followers long to know more about you and why you do what you do.  Personal branding photography is a great way to let your customers and clients see inside your life. In these sessions you will get headshots, “stock” photos, product photos, and everything in between!

How long is a personal branding session?

You will get to showcase 4 “stories” within 4 hours.  These sessions do not need to happen all at once. Many clients do one per season or split them up.  For example, if you have a launch coming up, we can focus on those products, while your next session might focus on you creating something.  Each person has different needs, we will cater to your desires!

What do you mean by “stories”?

A story is whatever you want it to be:  family photos, product photos, photos of you working, etc.

    Will you travel for my branding session?

    YES!  I want these photos to be authentically you.  This might mean having headshots in your favorite coffee shop or cafe, or in your home.  Whatever and wherever inspires you to do the work that you do, I will travel to! Traveling fees may apply, but we’ll figure that out when we start talking about how best to feature you.

      What should I wear?

      Anything that is YOU.  Where something comfortable and something that is your style.  Use Pinterest as an inspiration for outfits. I’d be happy to help you narrow outfits down.  We only have one hour per story so please limit to 1-2 outfits.

      Can you recommend a location?

      Most definitely!  I have some favorite spots, and during our consultation, we can chat about what would fit your brand the best.

      Can I bring along a friend?

      YES!  For sure, someone to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable is totally fine.  And if they’re funny, that’s even better 😉

      Can we reschedule?

      Yes, for an emergency, and if you can, provide 24 hours so I can fill that time slot.  Please be aware that my schedule is very tight, especially in the summer and fall. If we need to reschedule, we will do so, but since my schedule is tight, please tell me as soon as possible.  If I have to cancel for weather issues or any other reason, you will be notified ASAP.

        How will we get our images?

        I will send you a link within 2-3 weeks of your session.  This will have all edited images with a downloadable link.  From there, you can put them on a flash drive for safe keeping.

          Where can I use these images?

          Wherever you would like!  Your website, social media, your office, etc.  We will talk about where you hope to use your images and find what fits best for you.

          Alright, I am ready to book, how do I do that?

          Yay!  I am so excited to take photos for your brand!!  Please send me a message here and I will send you a contract and an invoice that requires a 25% down payment to reserve your sessions.  Following this, I will send you a questionnaire so I can get to know you a little better and what you expect from these sessions.

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