Hi, I’m Ashley and I love all things lettering.  Read about my journey in becoming a lettering artist, about my family, and about a few of my favorite things.  Spoiler alert! I love chai tea and I could watch The Office again and again for the rest of my life and be super happy about it. 

I am so happy you stopped in today! Let’s get to know the face behind the lettering!

Where did it all begin?

My mom still talks about how my friends and I would take over the dining room table on the weekends and “play with glitter and paper” when we were younger.  I can’t help it, I’ve always been drawn to creating!  Those are some of the days I will always cherish because they really helped me find my creativity and I started to explore different lettering styles even before lettering was a thing.  I made signs for birthdays, events, and doodled in my notebook rather than took notes and it always brought me so much joy!


To me, having a hobby is so. incredibly. important.  The reason that I got into lettering is because I needed something for me.  I needed something to bring me joy and to challenge

While I create something, I feel happy.  I feel proud and excited.  I encourage you to have something that brings you true happiness whether that be something creative, sudoku puzzles, gardening, exercise, whatever it is that brings you joy.  


Get to know me!

I am married to a musician, which means my music preferences have been vastly broadened! My all time favorite band is This Wild Life.  But, I still jam out to 90’s and early 2000’s like it’s part of my job.  My husband is kind, sassy, and hilarious. I can watch The Office with him for 6 hours straight and have the time of my life!  We are a good team and 100% support each other’s creativity. We had our first daughter, Vivian, in January and being a mom is even more wonderful than I have ever expected.  I pray Viv grows up knowing that her parents had passions and hobbies that made them truly happy.  I hope she sees how important it is to do something that she loves to do.  Our other child is a fluffy, adorable dog named Coda(bear). If you ever want to buy me a drink from starbucks, i’ll always request a grande vanilla chai tea latte with six pumps of chair(I like it a little spicy!).  Oh, and  I am a huge fan of respect and kindness.

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